Portfolios and ePortfolios


RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning), Portfolios and ePortfolios

Portfolios and ePortfolios are career self-management tools that can be useful to anyone who is experiencing a career transition; who wants to change occupations, or simply wants to discover their strengths, gaps and goals.  For example, they provide a bridge for immigrants experiencing barriers to employment due to a lack of Canadian experience.  Prior learning can be presented in a positive manner, with evidence of transferable skills.

The journey of building a portfolio or eportfolio is often more important than the final result  due to the personal growth and awareness that results from the participant exercises.  This course will concentrate on ePortfolios: how to build one and what it can do for you.

This presentation provides an overview of portfolios and eportfolios and how they can help you tell your story.


References about ePortfolio

Joint Information Standards Committee (JISC) (UK)
Lots of reports and videos...


Other resources about ePortfolios

Watch the following videos to learn more about ePortfolios. Although they were made for college and university students, they have many applications for people like you out in the real world.


Solent University, UK; 2009

twitter.com/sguilana; 2009



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