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19 May 2016, 7:33 AM
KTM has announced the enduro model of 2017. All of the model is a full model change, frame and swing arm, that the front and rear suspension is in the new. Rear suspension remains of the link-less. New sheet to match the new design frame is like the seat height is 10mm reduction.

According to http://indomoto.com 4-stroke model  discrimination contains the "F" to the name at the end of all models has become easier. 250EXC-F, the engine is more compact 1.5kg lighter (Euro-4-4 fit). 350EXC-F is concentration of mass is 1.9kg weight have been reduced. 450EXC-F is, 550 g weight. 500EXC-F are also Hakare is centralized center of gravity.

There is no 200EXC, it has been integrated into the 150XC-W. 125EXC the 125XC-W next, but the headlights and tail lights have been employed continuously, it is no longer in the European homologation compatible model.

That the "active site of enduro models have been moved from enduro that requires a public road to the cross-country style that runs a closed area" has been a major factor in the background. It should be noted, 125XC-W and 150XC-W, the cab is changed to Mikuni TMX from Keihin, reduction of setting time due to the fact that out of the width to the setting has been emphasized. 250EXC also cab is renewed the other port shape that became the TMX. 350EXC is newly developed crankshaft, that tenacity in the low-speed has increased.
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