ePortfolios in 2012 (according to Don)


Prepared for MPLAN and CAPLA conferences in October 2012.

This page is part of Don Presant's ePortfolio. Links were working at the time of presentation.


CAPLA Presentation

Presenting in Halifax

Open Badges

Identity Management Project (Shareski)

Social media and recruiting

LinkedIn Statistics

Social Media and Thin ePortfolios

 A "thin" eportfolio  is not an information silo, but can channel content from many of the social media sites that are listed in this survey report. The commentary behind this this is very interesting: in education, practitioners use these tools for both learning and teaching. In the corporate world, practitioners are still creating linear e-learning solutions. This may change over the next few years, opening the way for eportfolios to act as Personal Learning Environments., or tools for Personal Knowledge Management, as some would express it. "It's not what you know, it's what you can think of in time..."

Blog post: "The Top 100 Tools for Learning 2012"


ePortfolios and Education

A collection of videos from:

  • La Guardia Community College
  • Solent University
  • Birmingham City University
  • Spartanburg Community College
  • Apprenticeship ePortfolio suppliers in the UK

Watch full screen: click on the maximize button on the bottom right
Click this link to view the playlist on YouTube.


ePortfolio for Credit Recognition

Athabasca University
(fictional model  for others to follow - further granularized, with permission)


Key References

Penny Light, T., Chen, H., Ittelson, J. Documenting Learning with ePortfolios - A Guide for College Instructors. John Wiley and Sons, 2012. ISBN 978-0-470-63620-6

Davies, S. Effective Assessment in a Digital Age. Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) 2010.

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ePortfolio Implementation Toolkit and Video Case Studies (JISC 2012)


Institutional Accreditation

Increasingly, academic institutions seeking accrediation must support outcomes-based learning. This has become a key business driver for ePortfolios, since instructors, departments and institutions are now seeking to capture authentic examples of student learning.

ePortfolios for Accreditation
ePortfolio California is a community of practice for ePortfolio

at California State University
Includes good Merlot links

The Future of Electronic Portfolios: Do They Help with Accreditation?
Downloadable PPT Presentation


Career Portfolio Manitoba

As delivered at a higher education conference in Boston, MA.


Sample participant introductions

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Sample participant evidence

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Click this link to view the playlist on YouTube.


ePortfolios from Career Portfolio Manitoba

Rommuel Paragas, Internationally Educated Electronics Professional
Fictional example

Carol Lemoine, Quality Assurance Professional
Hired partly through her eportfolio; great charts

Wendy Joanisse, Professional Administrator
Multipage collection, like Carol's

David Gonzalez, Apprentice Industrial Mechanic/Millwright
Great mini-interview, certificates, skills summaries

Norman Padilla, Internationally Trained Engineer
Good for certificates, Screenr example

Arnel Gordovez - Internationally Trained Engineer
Good for Screenr and embedded YouTube

Juan Ortiz, Internationally Trained ICT Professional
Good for introduction, LinkedIn

Randean Kopytko
Academic career, good letters of recommendation

Malissa Nisbet
Good for worksheets

Philip Pilon - house painter
Small business (painter); good for before/after images, annotated video

Don Presant - independent producer, consultant
Fairly exhaustive overview of skills and project history to support contract work