ePortfolio Examples

Mahara ePortfolios - fictional examples

Rommuel Paragas Electrical engineer from The Philippines

Buddhika Ariyarante Civil engineer from Sri Lanka

Fictional students (University of South Queensland, Australia)


Mahara ePortfolios - real world examples

Derrin Kent (ICT business, language teacher; good multiview)

Richard Davis (ICT developer - good multiview)

Samantha Moss (Academic UK; archery enthusiast; multiview)

Karen Hamilton (Academic, Canadian; good use of multimedia)

Dickon Copsey (Academic UK; multiview)

Phillip Butler (ICT management)

James Ballard (ICT developer, team leader)

Allison Miller (Mahara/ePortfolio focused academic in Australia; great examples of evidence)


Mahara as a presentation tool

These views designed to present information about different topics...you could do the same, demonstrating your knowledge and refelctive ability.

Integrating Social Networking Tools in the Foreign Language Classroom (Jennifer Adams, student teacher)

21st Century Skills (Derrin Kent, TDM)

Customer service (Glenys Bradbury, TDM)

Project Summary Page (Glenys Bradbury, TDM)

Peak Oil and Transition Economics (Derrin Kent, TDM)

Class assignments: individual and group

These were completed by students as class assignments.

Tony Hursh (CTER Mahara...has examples from classes student teachers preparing resources for schools in different curriculum areas)
Examples include:
English and Writing by Lindsey Storm
Ecosystems by Christina Rosario
Differentiating Using 21st Century Tools by Kery

English Portfolios 2010 (High School project portfolios see esp. Othello)


Other ePortfolio examples