5 Steps to Portfolio

5 steps to building a portfolio

This program follows a 5 step approach to building portfolios. Each of the steps builds upon the previous; resulting in a comprehensive collection of your skills, abilities, achievements and successful attitudes. You will be able to build an effective resumes and be more prepared for interviews

In this program, we'll help you learn what skills and knowledge you already possess, not only from your education, but from your life experience. Then we'll help you find the best way to present your skills and knowledge to get a good job and advance in your career.

It's a five-step program...

Step 1:  Identify life experiences and identify examples of essential skills that you have

Think especially of those experiences that helped you grow as a person.


  •   Volunteer experiences
  •   Hobbies
  •   School
  •   Work

Step 2:  Reflect – Identify knowledge, skills and attitudes

  •   What do I know, what can I do, what attitudes are needed

Step 3: Writing outcomes: Clear, correct and concise

Building on your Essentail Skills and Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes worksheets: 

  •   Complete writing outcomes, using action words

Step 4:  Group into areas of expertise, define goals

  • Create functional lists of essential skills
  • Create functional lists for areas of expertise
  • Create SMART goals

Step 5:  Put it all together in a portfolio

  • Introduction
    • Title Page
    • Table of Contents
    • Personal Statement or Introduction
  • Goals/Plans
  • Areas of Expertise:  Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes
  • Functional Lists
  • Resumes
  • Cover letters
  • Demonstrations, certificates, transcripts