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ePortfolios and Adult Learning

Adult Learning is defined here as high school level learning for adults. These typically motivated learners are often concerned with employability in addition to seeking high school accreditation.

See other pages in this collection for other types of learning. There's lots of crossover.

Please note: these pages are provided for the purpose of general information about ePortfolios applied in different contexts, based on wide-ranging research of public sources and a variety of technology solutions. Presenting this information in this context does not imply an endorsement of


Helen Barrett presentation


Mahara as a Record of Professional Development
A conference report (in Finnish)

New Zealand Principal Magazine Article (Carolyn Stuart)
Great advice on how to engage both teachers and students and embed eportfolio practice in how the school works.

First Time Principals (Carolyn Stuart)
Cheat sheet for principal portfolios

Alvernia University Leadership ePortfolio(US)
44 principals in training; standards based template to document personal development and professional growth;
integrative reflection, collaboration, assessment and mentoring via commenting and critique of artefacts and reflections

Other Potential Uses by Paul Seiler
Several examples by one of the originators of Mahara.

Teaching as Inquiry & ePortfolio
From Pascale Pascale Hyboud-Peron, from multiple sources - great "Collect, Select..." diagram


Kathy Lauridsen, Math Department Head, Central Normal School, Palmerston North, NZ
Great example of CPD in progress, responding to comments, nice tone; good use of images 


Mahara - Key Links

Join the international community

Mahara Wiki

Includes the following:

Online manual
For the different versions; includes "what's new" for each version

Third Party Plugins


Open Badges

Badges on Mahara

 These are showcased on another Mahara-based system:





Playlist: ePortfolio in High School

  1. Work placement reports in Mahara 2:45
  2. Minecraft-Mahara-Group 2:45
  3. Year 13s Talk about MyPortfolio 1:32
  4. Coburg Senior HS Digital Portfolios - recipe 1:00

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Click this link to view the playlist on YouTube.


Principles of Adult Learning


ePortfolios can be be an effective way to both build and demonstrate mastery of digital technology skills, if they are integrated in programs such as English Language Arts.

This video explains why and how OECD's Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies tested for Problem Solving in Technology-Rich Environments.


Using video - mock examples

These videos were produced to show examples of how video can be used to express thoughts and demonstrate learning.

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High School Examples

Alberta: Transition to PSE - fictional example developed as a guide for students applying to post-secondary institutions:
Summary Portfolio


Mahara Cookbook: High School

Tips and tricks for innovative teachers

  • Language acquisition journal
  • Group newspaper
  • Photo journal
  • Art gallery
  • Poetry chapbook
  • University application

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Knowledge portfolio Examples

How about this page?!

Class assignments: individual and group


Tony Hursh (CTER Mahara...has examples from classes student teachers preparing resources for schools in different curriculum areas)

Examples include:


Mobile Mahara

MyPortfolio in NZ

I think of MyPortfolio as the "mothership" for Mahara: An enormous multi-insititution system across New Zealand, the country where Mahara was first invented. Statistics as of April 2013:

  • 1,256 institutions
  • 50,134 active users (logged in at least once)
  • More than 9,600 groups
  • More than 285,000 pages created

MyPortfolio in a secondary school context

Blog page from a PD session in October 2012. Lots of links from this page to various examples and artefacts.

Software for Learning web articles

Nicely laid out online magazine articles, from a national website that recommends software for NZ teacher use. Most of these have embedded examples and companion videos

Sample Pages from MyPortfolio

Impact Project Proposal Semester 1 2013
Template for senior students to propose community-oriented learning projects


Albany Senior HS, NZ

Other Inspiring Teachers on MyPortfolio

Jon Bowen, St Peter’s College, NZ

John Creighton, Burnside School, NZ

Clips from a longer YouTube video...

Pascale Hyboud-Peron

FSL teacher and PD in-service facilitator; many resources here!


Student Projects

From John Creighton link above - great examples of student projects, briefly shown and described.


Getting Started (PDF)