Collection: Savvyfolio Features

Mobile Access


The world's population is migrating quickly to mobile and makes it easy to capture and upload ePortfolio evidence such as photos or videos "in the moment" and also to show relevant sections of your ePortfolio to an employer using your tablet.

Return to the About page. is built on open source Mahara software, with additional plugins and enhancements. The fictional exemplar "Rommuel Paragas" was developed for Career Portfolio Manitoba.


Mobile Friendly Interface

Responsive designDevice Detection supports device detection, which makes the interface operate in more appropriate ways for smartphones and tablets, such as changing drag and drop blocks to radio buttons.

Responsive Design

To help mobile users further, certain themes already support responsive design and others will follow. Responsive design uses simpler layouts and menus to improve the mobile experience.

Learn more in the Mahara User Manual.



Uploading media from your Android phone

MaharaDroid is an uploader for images, video and other artefacts for Android smartphones and tablets. It has become a recognized Mahara contribution.

Find out more more by watching the video below or by going to the MaharaDroid web page.


Uploading media from your iPhone

PortfolioUP is an image and video uploader developed in the broader community for iPhones and iPads.

Find out more at Brightcookie's support page for PortfolioUP.