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Embed multimedia from your online files or from a wide variety of social media sites.

Return to the About page. is built on open source Mahara software, with additional plugins and enhancements. The fictional exemplar "Rommuel Paragas" was developed for Career Portfolio Manitoba.


MP3 audio: elevator speech

Download Rommuel_Intro.MP3 [0.36MB]

Video: elevator speech

Video: skills demo

Video: skills demo - computer recording

(using a free screen recording tool called Screenr)

Statistical Process Control

This is a tour of a special spreadsheet designed to monitor variability of manufacturing processes.


Presentation with Slideshare

In this case, synchronized with audio


Timeline: Career

This is a real career timeline from a person in the US, shared publicly on Dipity.


Timeline: History

For Steve Jobs fans, this is an example of a timeline for historical events.