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Learning across the margins

Building a regional skills network

What if… What if Open Badges* were more than digital course stickers or doggie biscuits for the gamification of learning? What if they were.. portable credentials? mobile learning records that could travel with the learner? modular, remixable portfolios of skills … Continue reading

Employability Skills Can Be Learned

As someone who tracks the recognition of learning and achievement using Open Badges, I found Learning to be Employable, a report from UK’s City & Guilds a very interesting read, despite its narrow focus on Further Education (FE). Although this … Continue reading

Why do we need the Bologna Open Recognition Declaration?

I’ve been volunteering on the Program Committee for the annual ePortfolio and Identity Conference (ePIC) for the last few years, working with Serge Ravet and others to come up with topics, lure speakers and participants, and cook up an interesting … Continue reading

Open Badges and the Innovator’s Recognition Dilemma

Open Badges are a Disruptive Innovation I may be coming late to this party (Tom Vander Ark mentioned this as early as March 2012), but I’m going to be reading more Clayton Christensen over the next while. Why? Because his … Continue reading

Recognizing Soft Skills is Hard Work

  I had a conversation last week with a Canadian colleague, exploring how Open Badges could help youth-serving agencies incorporate “career competencies” into their programming. The ice may finally be breaking up here! I know that we can learn from … Continue reading

Language Learning–Better with Open Badge eCredentials

I had the pleasure of presenting at the annual TEAM conference in Winnipeg this week. TEAM stands for “Teaching English as an Additional Language (EAL) to Adults in Manitoba”, a portmanteau term for an inclusive volunteer organization that puts on … Continue reading

Problems with“Badges for Food”

This post is about a digital badging practice that I think can be damaging to learner motivation and to our badging community in general. In a recent Twitter chat about badges for K12 I learned that a large school division, … Continue reading

Mindful“Extended Enterprise”Learning at Academic Institutions

I’ve been having a lot of fun over the last few weeks re-thinking how Open Badge eCredentials can enhance lifewide learning through the lens of  Extended Enterprise Learning. Although this concept originated as a form of “edu-marketing” for private sector … Continue reading

Recognizing Learning in Associations with Open Badge eCredentials

Today’s post explores Extended Enterprise Learning for Member-based Organizations, one of five sectors that significantly employ this kind of learning, according to John Leh of Talented Learning: Corporate Improving the product value chain: suppliers, distributors, retailers, customers Member-based Organizations Associations, … Continue reading

Open Badge eCredentials for Extended Enterprise Learning

Frequent readers of this blog know that I’m obsessed with Open Badge eCredentials. I think they provide a fantastic lens to analyze and improve the quality of lifelong, lifewide learning: for delivery, for recognition or “valorization” and for use as … Continue reading
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Learning across the margins

Comment on Recognizing Soft Skills is Hard Work by Tune Up

I agree that there is more than one workplace culture, for reasons such as geography, sector, and business model. I’m pretty sure the workplace culture at a not for profit is different from the one at an investment bank.

Comment on Employability Skills Can Be Learned by Don Presant

Thanks very much Ed - I'm looking to support Open Badges for vocational education and related PD here in Canada - this helps! Don

Comment on Employability Skills Can Be Learned by blancharde

Hi Don Thanks for your submission on the City and Guilds Employability Practitioner CPD - Engage badge and huge apologies for the time taken to review your work, one of the admin team has just modified my settings and I was then able to see and Award your badge for your submission this evening. I enjoyed reading your submission and it was great to hear the view of someone external to the UK FE arena. Any further submissions I should see more easily now. regards Ed

Comment on Employability Skills Can Be Learned by Don Presant

Hi Paul, I'm happy to do that. I remember hearing about ESAT, so I'd love to hear more.

Comment on Employability Skills Can Be Learned by Paul Brinkhurst

Good day. Thankyou for your excellent article. I'd like to discuss the topic further, regarding the ESAT....a Canadian tool for assessing and supporting the development of soft skills. This tool is in use across Canada and is designed to support practices who work in this field so they can address soft skills systematically and with the same intent given to literacy etc. Please contact me .

Comment on Recognizing Soft Skills is Hard Work by Employability Skills Can Be Learned|Littoraly

[…] interested in how Open Badges can provide evidence of employability soft skills. I last wrote a blog post on this back in June 2016 and plan to write more on the topic. This post is one […]

Comment on Recognizing Soft Skills is Hard Work by Don Presant

Hi Simon, I hear you're coming to ePIC ( OCt 26-28, no? Why not there? I'm seeing more interest in cracking this soft skills thing, at least here in Canada. And shared values between employer, community and individual is certainly a large part of it.

Comment on Recognizing Soft Skills is Hard Work by asimong

Hi again Don. This was a great start. When and where shall we take up the discussion?

Comment on About by Don Presant

Hi Bruce, I've emailed you based on this intriguing comment.

Comment on About by Bruce Emerson

Don -- we met at the Badge Summit in Aurora. I had a badge experience yesterday that I would love to get your perspective on if you have a little time for an offline email chat. Great work on taking the soft skills discussion forward -- ties in with some badgeable efforts here. Bruce (Oregon)
Last updated on 12 December 2017, 10:00 AM