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by Don Presant
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This page was prepared to support a presentation at the third annual Canadian Engineering Education Association conference in Winnipeg Canada, June 2012.

This page is part of Don Presant's ePortfolio. Links were working at the time of presentation.


Download the Condensed Conference Paper

Engineering ePortfolio Examples

Rebecca Samuelson (Virginia Tech student - imaginative presentation)
Michael Kopera (Warwick student - philosophical)
Rhys Jones (Warwick student)
Jennifer Johnson (Clemson student)
Brian Ferguson (Thayer alum - Tripod SW "a bit noisy" with ads)
Yoon-Ki Park (Thayer alum - PDF only)
Stephen Epstein (Virginia Tech student)
Michelle Fuhrman (Notre Dame student - Google site, well organized - PDF evidence)
Steve Sanyshyn (Broome Community College - Civil Engineering Technology student - Digication)
Omar Garcia Navarro (La Guardia CC student)
Justin Garner (Texas A&M student - ABET outcomes for graduates)
Mark Kaye (Elizabethtown College student)

Engineer Edgar (Curtin University exemplar - a good idea, but incomplete)
Rommuel Paragas (Career Portfolio Manitoba - fictional exemplar of an internationally educated engineering technologist)

Noah's Humanitarian Engineering ePortfolio (Penn State graduate)
Rob Davis P.E. (in the workforce)


Institutional Accreditation

Increasingly, academic institutions seeking accrediation must support outcomes-based learning. This has become a key business driver for ePortfolios, since instructors, departments and institutions are now seeking to capture authentic examples of student learning.

ePortfolios for Accreditation
ePortfolio California is a community of practice for ePortfolio

at California State University
Includes good Merlot links

The Future of Electronic Portfolios: Do They Help with Accreditation?
Downloadable PPT Presentation


Internationally Trained Engineers

Kelly, V. 2010 Engineering Language Portfolio - Curriculum Development, Assessment & Pilot Summary Report.
Shortened link: http://bit.ly/ItEZRW
Short (4pg) report from the Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers

Chudnovskaya K., Kelly V. 2010. Engineering Communication Language Portfolio – Facilitator’s Manualhttp://www.atesl.ca/Resources/docs/ECLP_Facilitator_Manual_ed_VK20.pdf
No mention of eportfolio (!) but useful


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Helpful papers

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Copied from my Twitter feed...

Creating a Work Portfolio - tips for engineers in Graduating Engineer & Computer Careers

Engineers Canada - Competency Based Assessment http://www.engineerscanada.ca/e/pj_competency.cfm

 University of Toronto Engineering: Update Your To Be Considered for Faculty Scholarships

 And here's the link to iportfolio at Curtin University http://bit.ly/Iye6li #eportfolio

Engineers Canada - Guideline on CPD & Continuing Competence for Professional Engineers another element for #eportfolio http://bit.ly/HTibdL

Engineers Canada - Competency Based Assessment (Alternative Methods of Licensure project) - element of #eportfolio http://bit.ly/HXLbo2

Quality Improvement Agency - "CPD into action: Engineering" Incl diagrams & further links - IfL is author? #eportfolio http://bit.ly/IaYPDk