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My name is Don Presant and I'm President of Learning Agents, an independent producer of rich media e-learning solutions for education, workplace training, career development and professional development. Learning Agents was incorporated in 2000.

Among other solutions, Learning Agents is the provider of:

  • Portable digital credentials, using Mozilla Open Badges
  •, a low cost subscription-based ePortfolio service offered to education and training organizations
  • eLearning solutions, using Moodle, Storyline and other tools
  • Video for learning, a variety of video learning resources for different learning purposes


Professional ePortfolio: Don Presant

Professional ePortfolio: Don Presant

Services overview

Services overview

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Contact Information

  • Postal address: 134 Home Street
    Winnipeg, MB
    R3G 1W9
  • Business phone: 888-229-2889
  • Province/Region: Manitoba
  • Country: Canada
  • Fax number: 204-219-5923
  • Mobile phone: 204-793-4045
  • Official website address:
  • Town: Winnipeg

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