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26 June 2016, 2:44 AM
Borgo Panigale (Bologna), June 15, Monster 1200S 2016 years was awarded the "Special Jury Award" at the 24th ADI Compasso d'Oro Award. By this award, Ducati and at the same time enhance its prestige, it showed once again into the world Ducati of efforts to perfection in all areas, including the design.

This prestigious became a selection target of international awards, flagship model of the Ducati line-up, is the 1200S, which crowns the top model of the monster.

According to http://indomoto.com Since the primary monster is announced in 1992, Monster family is considered synonymous with extremely beautiful "naked bike", it pioneered a new segment of the motorcycle.

Monster that combines simple equipment and outstanding design, has become an icon of motorcycle design. Monster is designed under the concept of "Les Is More", we seek the essence of the bike, style eye-catching, the presence of monsters unique.
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