Engineering ePortfolio Examples

These were developed for a Canadian Engineering Education Association conference. Examples of ePortfolios for other fields can be provided.

Michael Kopera (Warwick student - philosophical)
Rhys Jones (Warwick student)
Brian Ferguson (Thayer alum - Tripod SW "a bit noisy" with ads)
Stephen Epstein (Virginia Tech student)
Michelle Fuhrman (Notre Dame student - Google site, well organized - PDF evidence)
Steve Sanyshyn (Broome Community College - Civil Engineering Technology student - Digication)
Omar Garcia Navarro (La Guardia CC student)
Justin Garner (Texas A&M student - ABET outcomes for graduates)
Mark Kaye (Elizabethtown College student)

Engineer Edgar (Curtin University exemplar - a good idea, but incomplete)
Rommuel Paragas (Career Portfolio Manitoba - fictional exemplar of an internationally educated engineering technologist)

Noah's Humanitarian Engineering ePortfolio (Penn State graduate)
Rob Davis P.E. (in the workforce)