Hands on Taster Workshop

The hands-on workshop normally takes place over a full day (6 contact hours), giving participants a chance to touch the parts of savvyfolio.net that will be relevant to their needs.

Participants will start to build their own ePortfolios, using information and artefacts they have gathered ahead of time and brought in on memory stick, such as:

  • An electronic workbook supplied by Learning Agents completed by participants ahead of time, whose contents can be copied into their ePortfolios
  • Résumé and other electronic documents
  • Scanned certificates and other documents
  • Photos from workplace, academic or volunteer activities

This content will be supplemented by one or more of these multimedia options:

  • Editing/uploading candid and posed photos taken on the day of the workshop
  • Editing/uploading audio/video recordings of elevator speeches recorded on the day of the workshop
  • Embedding multimedia from other sources
  • Embedding LinkedIn profiles, for participants with LinedIn accounts

Other content may include:

  • Learning Plans and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) logs
  • Learning Journals
  • Self-assessment tools

Participants will walk away at the end of the day with their own ePortfolios, which they can keep for themselves for a minimum of three years as part of the unaffiliated "Individuals" institution, or later transfer to your own institution, should your organization commit to subscribing as an institution.

Contact us for further details and costs.