Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

    18 September 2012

    ABSTRACT - The earliest wind turbine generators used induction generators without power electronics. In the early 1990’s , power electronics were first applied extending from the induction generator to doubly fed induction generators. In North America, any use of power electronics was covered by patents and these limited application of power electronics to wind turbine generators. Feeders from wind farms to the main ac network may be ac transmission, ac transmission with series capacitors, and now with dc transmission except for the one supplier who owns the patents. There are issues where various configurations of power electronics and their controls have a significant impact on performance on whether the wind farm will even function, Conventional transient stability studies cannot always predict how wind farms will respond through various contingencies. Advanced EMT tools are needed with detailed models of the wind farms with their power electronics represented exactly.

    Location: IEEE Power & Energy Society, Winnipeg, MB

    7 September 2012

    Led by Lauren Au of Manitoba Hydro International Ltd.

    Location: IEEE GOLD, University of Manitoba

    Total hours: 2.5