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Features of savvyfolio.net | Why ePortfolios?

Use the power of ePortfolios to build and showcase the skills of your learners

An ePortfolio is a digitized collection of evidence that demonstrates skills and learning that have been achieved for educational or workplace assessment.

When more than half of today’s employers use social networking sites to research job candidates, your graduates need to be ready to put their best foot forward in person, and online.

And as a purpose-built ePortfolio platform, savvyfolio.net can also help your learners build their success while they’re still enrolled in your programs. They can create and maintain learning plans, self-assessment tools, learning journals and participate in shared group areas for social learning.

Your teachers and other advisors can collaborate with your learners online, helping transform their ePortfolios into professional showcases that will capture the attention of employers.

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Give your learners and your organization the tools they need to stand out!

Here are some examples of how ePortfolios can help your learners at different stages in their careers:

Student need How savvyfolio.net can help
Career development
  • Student tool for self-assessment and to explore options and set goals
  • Teachers and career advisors can collaborate with the students online
Work placement
  • Student profiles of skills & preferences, shareable with employers
  • Experiential learning management for the work placement itself
Finding employment
  • An employability showcase: résumé, index of technical and other essential skills, with supporting evidence
  • Job Match Matrix template to align skills to employer needs (ask for details)
High impact learning
  • Tools to integrate and reflect on all types of learning in school, work and life
Tracking and recognizing learning achievements
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for accreditation and advanced standing
  • Online locker for a future employability showcase
  • Open Badges for micro-credentialing
Succeeding in the workplace
  • On-the-job performance support:  online locker with tutorials, checklists, links from the college, learning journal, etc.
  • Personal Learning Network with faculty and other graduates
Career advancement
  • Achievement and capability showcase: educational and workplace skills and accomplishments, with supporting evidence
Benefits for institutions An online ePortfolio gallery of successful graduates can: 
  • Attract new students, by showing multiple examples of relevant employment
Key Performance Indicators
  • Enhance employment outcomes reports with authentic human interest success stories to back up dry statistics
Alumni connections
  • Maintain connection with the alumni community for testimonials, advisors, employer connections, etc.
Continuing Education
  • Attract new and return learners with impressive online learning records
Contract training
  • Attract employers for competency-based training with online skills passports

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Savvyfolio.net is provided as a subscription service by Learning Agents, an award-winning Canadian eLearning company. Savvyfolio.net is built on proven Mahara ePortfolio software, used in learning systems worldwide.

About Mahara

Established in 2006, Mahara is the result of a collaborative venture funded by New Zealand's Tertiary Education Commission's e-learning Collaborative Development Fund (eCDF), involving Massey University, Auckland University of Technology, The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand and Victoria University of Wellington.

Mahara is a fully featured electronic portfolio, weblog, resume builder and social networking system, connecting users and creating online communities. Mahara is designed to provide users with the tools to create a personal and professional learning and development environment.

Meaning `think' or `thought' in Te Reo Maori, the name reflects the project collaborator's dedication to creating a user-centred life long learning and development application as well as the belief that technology solutions cannot be developed outside the considerations of pedagogy and policy.

Mahara is Open Source software (under the GNU General Public License).