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Skill demonstrationSavvyfolio.net is a subscription-based ePortfolio service offered to education and training organizations by Learning Agents Inc., an award-winning e-learning solutions company.

Savvyfolio.net is built on the proven Mahara ePortfolio platform, used by educators worldwide. Our servers are located in Canada.

An ePortfolio is a digitized collection of evidence that demonstrates skills and learning. Over half of today’s employers use social networking sites to research job candidates, so your learners need to be ready to put their best foot forward in person and online. In addition to showcasing skills and abilities for selected audiences, savvyfolio.net provides a private Personal Learning Environment to close skills gaps and build employability in a secure setting.

Savvyfolio.net can help your learners build knowledge and present themselves online, securely published on their own private or public web pages. The core capabilities of savvyfolio.net can be enhanced by content from other social media such as LinkedIn, Google, Twitter and YouTube.

Help your learners succeed in their careers by showcasing ALL of their skills and knowledge.

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"I got a resume yesterday which had a link to Career Portfolio Manitoba. It’s well done. Especially the video. Summary: I was impressed." - Employer, Winnipeg

"Great tool and a good exercise to help build confidence as well. All I did was send them the link!" - Angèle Bernardin, Career Changer, Manitoba

"Such an excellent tool to market my skills and abilities and boost my self-esteem. Makes me think back, I have had a good career!" - Mature Worker, Manitoba

"ePortfolio is a very useful tool for all of us. It makes our lives easier and organized. It is a dynamic process and we can update our ongoing profiles in our career life." - International Medical Graduate, Manitoba


Current institutions using savvyfolio.net

Career Portfolio Manitoba

CPMB logoCareer Portfolio Manitoba is an employability ePortfolio solution for adults in transition based on Essential Skills, available for free to all Manitobans who register for the ePortfolio training course. It is funded by Workplace Education Manitoba and WPLAR.

Current users of Career Portfolio Manitoba can continue to login to their accounts using the block at the top.

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Learning AgentsLearning Agents eStudios

Learning Agents eStudios is a "train the trainer" academy for ePortfolios for education, career development, employability and workplace and professional development. Courses are delivered online and in the classroom.

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Create your electronic portfolio in a flexible personal learning environment


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Share your achievements and development in a space you control


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